Why File A Tax Return?

Everyone should know that not every human being is obligated to file an income tax return on an annual basis.  Usually, if you are a worker or a businessman whose total earnings for the year does not surpass the typical deduction plus a single exclusion and you are not a charge to another human being who is required to pay taxes, then there’s no need for you to get so worked up on filing an income tax return.  The sum of income that you can get before you are legally obligated to file a return is highly dependent on the kind of earnings that you get, your status and of course, your age.

Aside from the first paragraph, you also need to learn the following stuff:

  1. Thresholds For Gross Earnings

Every taxpayer are qualified to demand a standard tax deduction, and if not a dependent of another one, then you can still claim another tax exclusion.  The legally required tax deduction and exclusion amounts are already determined by your state prior to the tax filing period.  Income tax deductions usually surge for inflation on an annual basis.

If your earnings are equivalent to or lower than the total sum of the deduction and exemption then you are lucky because IRL will not tax you.  Moreover, you will also be exempted by the IRS from filing an income tax return for as long as forever just as long your income does not outdo the said sum.  If you want to know whether you are still required to file an income tax return, make sure that you exclude the amount of income which is exempted from tax while you are doing your calculations.

You can also search the World Wide Web for tax return information.  Different states and countries have different standard amount of tax deductions so you might want to make sure and avoid any mistakes when you are about to file your income tax return.



  1. Earning thresholds for taxpayers who belong in the 65+ years old bracket

If you are a taxpayer who is already sixty-five years old and are already accepting Social Security retirement fee during the year, then you are still required to file your income tax return just like the regular taxpayers.  Nonetheless, you will still have a chance to gain more earnings during the said year compared to other taxpayers prior to being obligated to file an income tax return.  However, there is a chance for getting exempted if you are married to another taxpayer and that you have a separate income tax return.

  1. Filing of Income Tax Return For Dependents

Every taxpayers who announced their status as dependent will still be required to file income tax returns according to the IRS criteria.  It doesn’t matter if the said dependents are kids or already adults.  Because a dependent is not capable to get their individual exemption, a tax return will be essential should their earnings are more than the typical tax exclusion for a single taxpayer.


  1. Appealing For Tax Refunds

Please know that that there are actually times wherein you will not be required to file an income tax return but for some reason, you still want to.  If you actually belong to this category then there’s a very big chance that you will be qualified for a tax refund in the future.


Diversify your Retirement Assets

There is a saying that putting all your eggs in one basket is not a good idea but you may be doing this if you have all your money for retirement in just one type of IRA. IRAs usually will invest your money in stocks which should, over time increase their value but stock prices are very volatile and so what happens if stocks crash? All your retirement dreams crash with it.

You do not have to have all your eggs in one basket though; you can diversify your IRAs. Look for gold backed IRA details as apart from having regular IRAs that invest in stock, you can have gold IRAs that invest in physical gold. The price of gold can of course also fluctuate but historically, gold prices are less volatile than stocks and often move in the opposite direction which means, if stocks do crash, gold should soar. If you have both types of IRAs in your portfolio you can secure yourself a better retirement.

Apart from regular IRAs possibly suffering due to a crash in stock prices, they are also always dollar values which means, if the dollar devalues and has less buying power, so do your IRAs, unless of course they are gold IRAs. IRAs that invest in physical gold are unaffected by the devaluation of the dollar or any other currency, they maintain a value of their own and a buying power of their own. If you have both types of IRA and the dollar did devalue, the loss in buying power you suffered with your regular IRAs would be replaced by the extra buying power your gold IRAs enjoyed.

In these days of financial upheaval, the security of the dollar’s value is no longer certain. The dollar has managed to remain fairly stable since the 70s when, President Nixon secured a deal with Saudi Arabia, then the only country exporting oil in mass, that they would only sell their oil in US dollars. This meant that any country needing to buy oil; had to have holdings of US dollars and so it was in no one’s interests for the dollar to devalue but that was then and now is now. Today many countries export oil and most of them will sell oil in whatever currency they see fit, meaning there is no longer a need for countries to hold dollars and so in cases like China, who have recently made a historically big deal to buy gas from Russia excluding the use of dollars, they are now dumping the billions of dollars that they held. This means that there will soon be an excessive amount of dollars “floating” and as the US are themselves in trillions of dollars in debt through the fed printing money that did not have gold reserves behind it and no longer can be assured of backing them with oil sales, the dollar will soon falter and need to be devalued sharply, in order to keep even a semblance of respectability.

Starting up?

Beginning a small company? Among your component that is most significant is sales. Comprehending that the center of its own fund and this company is just a game-changer. Study and cautious planning aid with finding all of your assets. Start ups achieve completely to some financial loan and may start from your own own budget, but recall reducing your expenses is crucial.

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